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email marketing

It is widely acknowledged that Email Marketing has the highest ROI out of all marketing channels.

Businesses of any size, whether an independent salon or an international clothing brand, utilise Email Marketing to communicate with current and prospective customers.

Email Marketing is one of the most engaging forms of marketing that can produce sales and engagement in an extremely cost-effective manner. Furthermore, the level of detail that performance can be analysed allows for excellent test and learn capability to quickly guide an effective strategy.

Whether you currently use a professional Email Marketing platform or you simply use your personal email, we can scope and advise on getting you on track. Our experience spans across clients such as a national insurance business to a start-up barbershop. 

Whatever the size of your business, we will use our experience and expertise to ensure you find the most effective solution based on your budget, industry, target audience and of course your core business objectives. We also understand the importance of abiding to GDPR and PECR and can advise on safe and robust data handling solutions to ensure you stay compliant.

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Our process is foolproof:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your current Email Marketing situation - whether this is totally new territory for you or you're currently running limited activity, we'll formulate a strategy that meets your strategic goals.

  • We will run an audit to identify how you can better improve your Email Marketing capability and use this insight as a foundation for your strategic Email Marketing plan.

  • Based on your industry and customer base, we'll discuss with you either over the phone, on Zoom, or face-to-face (subject to client location and C-19) to ensure that you can provide feedback as the strategy is developed.

  • We will regularly measure your performance and will always be available to give advice - we operate 7 days a week, can a regular agency offer you that?

  • You'll receive a monthly report and past performance will be crucial in sculpting your strategy.

  • Without the overheads of an all singing and dancing marketing agency, we pass these cost savings on to our clients - we aim to beat any quote you receive for a like-for-like service.

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